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type: Pop-up shop, Competition
venue: Nothaft+Seidel Café
location: Berlin, Germany
project by: Bulbo
year: 2013
Bulbo debuted in Berlin for a pop-up event, drawing competition and mini-installation. Hosted by the Nothaft+Seidel Café in the super-chic Prenzlauer neighborhood, Bulbo spent the weekend introducing the Cynara and Quadra while chatting sustainability, green economy and lifestyle trends with local customers.

The first time integrating into a commercial space, the event gave Bulbo the opportunity to connect with everyday urban dwellers and discuss their lights, their brand and the positive implications of bringing nature indoors.

Bulbo in Berlin at Nothaft+Seidel Café

Fresh brewed infusions were available to be hand picked from under the Quadra’s soft light, and customers were invited to participate in a drawing competition that asked for personal interpretations of the Cynara’s iconic spotlight. The winner, recipient of her very own Cynara, was Tia Ceschini who took the Bulbo brand and made it into a veritable rainbow of positive energy.

Nothaft+Seidel Café