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Herb Start Kit


The Herb Start Kit is designed with everything you need to start a custom container of fresh herbs quickly and easily. We will set you up with a ceramic pot and water dispenser, a specific soil mix, and one set of tasty seeds to get your home garden growing. Forget about supermarket herbs!

The only thing you need to do is choose your seeds and your style, as our ceramic cubes come in a number of colourful matte finishes.

The Herb Start Kit contains:
1 ceramic cube pot (14 x 14 cm)
1 ceramic water dispenser
1 bag of soil mix for herbs (2,5 L)
1 seed pack (50 seeds)

Info & Details

The ceramic water dispenser makes for easy, self-regulating growing. Add water to the ceramic reservoir just once every five days or whenever it is empty: the water will release according to the plant’s needs.

This soil mix is the best fit for growing herbs with a high drainage capacity and the nutrients and elements for maintaining adequate levels of humidity.

The square shaped pots are just the right size for the Quadra’s dimensions, both in height and width. The Quadra Small base (40 cm) can hold two pots and the Quadra Large base (60 cm) can hold four pots.


Choose your seeds from the following varieties:

• Basil 'Italian Classic'
• Thyme of Provence
• Mint 'Roman'
• Oregano 'Greek'
• Lemon Balm 'Quedlinburger'


Width: 20,5 cm
Height: 20,5 cm
Length: 20,5 cm
Weight: 2,2 kg

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