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Mushroom Grow Kit


With this boxed grow kit you’ll have homegrown oyster mushrooms on your plate in no time.

Developed in Holland in an effort to reduce organic waste while getting food into urban environments, the box is filled with organic residue including straw, husks, sawdust and coffee grounds rescued from surrounding restaurants.

Spores are added to the mix and activated by light, fresh air and water, making delicious mushrooms an effortless reality in your home. After several harvests, the container contents make a great fertilizer for your other in-home houseplants.


1. Cut open the box along perforated lines (office windows and UFO roof) and carefully cut with a sharp knife through the plastic lining in those areas to expose the inside soil mix.
2. Place the box upright in a shady, warm place (approximately 18-20°C).
3. Spray the exposed surface at least three times a day with tap water.
4. After approximately one week, the first mushrooms should appear and you can harvest.
5. Continue to spray with water daily. After a two week period more mushrooms may appear. It is possible for mushrooms to regrow up to three times, for three complete harvests.
6. When the grow kit is finished and no more mushrooms appear, use it as compost for your plants or for mulching. 

Open the kit as soon as possible. If you are not going to start growing immediately, we suggest you keep the kit in the fridge. Don’t freeze it! If mushrooms are forming in the fridge open immediately following the instructions.


When founder Doreen Westphal looked around at her surroundings in the Netherlands, she saw a lot of barren buildings that were left untouched while new development continued at an alarming pace. Combine that with an ongoing understanding that the food we consume is affecting both our health and our habitat, Fungi Futuri was born with the intent to get tasty food into houses and homes, while reusing resources that are easily available.

Fungi Futuri started as a personal growing project in the basements of Eindhoven, but now is expanding into homes worldwide. Revitalize your own box of organic matter and make a savory treat that’s good for you and the planet with these quick growing starter kits.


Width: 7 cm
Height: 27 cm
Length: 17 cm
Weight: 200 g

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